h&f 0001 On Keeping Your Receipt (by Hustle and Floe)

The title of this web log (dang that’s old school!!) comes from a moment when one  good friend asked me a question about another.  I heard it and my first reaction was… “Dog, you kept your receipt on that right?!!”  “Go back to who sold you that nonsense and get your money.”

Thus, to “keep your receipt” is to maintain the shadow of critical thought that is cast as you walk forming opinions and deeming “facts.”  (Yes, this is the one shadow that you can turn on or off.)

And if you find that you’ve been sold a bill of goods that, upon further inspection, is plainly un-uptosnuff, then, by golly, march yourself back to the dry goods store and kindly request a refund or exchange given the unfair trading of your trust and brainspace for the seller’s “information.” 

…if you have your receipt, though, that’ll be much easier.

Much peace,

eric j henderson, hereafter, hustleandfloe 


~ by ericjhenderson on April 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “h&f 0001 On Keeping Your Receipt (by Hustle and Floe)”

  1. Nearly every exchange-necessary,needless,big, or small- produces a receipt. To have to get a refund or make an exchange expends invaluable time and energy. Is it worth it? A receipt supplies a tangible article that reflects what has transpired. The benefits of shadows are underrated. Evaluate the shop and goods thoroughly before making an exchange and setting expectations, because due to policy, all sales maybe final.

  2. Thank you wb, a&t, for the thoughtful reminder that, sometimes, a sale may indeed be final.

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