h&f 0005 Oprah bought these pants…

They went looking for guys over thirty-five (yikes!) who don’t happen to be “peopled up” yet.   I’m there.  Not for any overly dramatic reasons.  It’s just where I show up right now, a single man in a life that’s been amazingly blessed just short of marriage. 

But when a producer called and said, “Would you like to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show?” I have to admit that it wasn’t the bachelor in me that bugged out at the opportunity.  Rather it was the explorer thinking, “Man, that’s like getting behind the curtain of modern Oz!”  So, if she had called saying, “we need you to darn some socks for the studio audience,” I would have been like…”well. you got it, O.”  Anything that doesn’t involve lurid stuff, I’m good for it.  So, it was Oz, real laid back.  Cool show, cool people.  I am a bachelor.  The show was fun.  Check it out here…

um, meet the bachelors


~ by ericjhenderson on May 1, 2007.

One Response to “h&f 0005 Oprah bought these pants…”

  1. Omigod! How lucky could you possibly be? You get national and possibly global adverstising as a single, black professional!!!!!! How many offers, emails, matches have you gotten following the show and posting on the website??? Seems like if you wanna get married, all you gotta do is decide “I’m ready, so get set and let’s go!” I’m feeling a little green-eyed mah brothah, but more power to ya!

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