h&f 0007 Mean-spirited

There’s not much avoiding the normal curve.  I don’t mean that in any fatalistic way, but rather in terms of the ways we economize when we make decisions.  This is just personal speculation, i.e. blabber.  So, only sic the humble and sympathetic statistician and scientist on me if you just gotta do that.  …and then let’s talk it out over coffee, a cigar, or a bushel of kumquats or something.

I dig the mean.  It gives a sort of elegance to the mundane, e.g. crossing the street and having some calculations in your brain (unknowable to you) result not only in your walking across the street, but walking across on the pretty safe bet that, given the two rates “walking man” and “speeding car” in this particular situation, I’m probably (i.e. on average) not likely to get hit.  We call that intuition.  Intuition really seems to be that sum of unknowable calculations taking the form of conclusions we trust. 

But I won’t stray into that.


~ by ericjhenderson on May 16, 2007.

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