h&f 0008 Idiotlogy (the t is unfortunately silent)

Opinions, Pundits, Editorials, News, Fake News, Sparse News…  You know where you are and you know the season.  Time to go stir crazy on daily crises.  Every day there’s the one that’s gonna do in your candidate.  They (infamous they, synonym for we) obliterated the long tail right after it just got famous and everything: There’s no more mean: just meanies ready to drop daily dime.

Wait –  pass me the shop vac for these cobwebs and lemme also get a little strrrrreeeeetch, a little mornin’ yawnin for this web log (yeah, I said it), back on the scene, crispy and clean – You can try but then why, cuz you can’t intervene!!! The Choice is Yours… My bad – got carried away.  Decepticated even.  – It’s a word, sorta: goog that.

Back to the idiotlogy.  Proof by vigorous assertion is the order of the day (Thx to Jonathan Koomey for that one.) 

If ever there were a time to keep your your receipt – this is the clearest case.  When I am sold that bundle of goods each day in the sum of media that make my version of news and views, I have to admit that it’s a true grownman’s task to sort it well.  I dig it though. 

Idiotlogy, sometimes masquerading with the spelling change “eo”, is a giant and negative motivator – a big brown freakin tree trunk of a stick towering over bushels of friendly carrots.  It’s hard to see it coming, strangely enough, but your friends will know when you’ve been smacked with it.  That’s why we all should be skeptics but none should boast. 

Maybe we can do a personal wisdom of crowds thing on our personal thought.  Twitter out… “dude, am I mad?”  or channel yourself some Larry Mondello: “Hey Beave, you sure you can’t stay for some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on accounta my mom thinks you’re a good influence on me???”

lilsarry milsondello

Whatever it takes, gonna try to stay on the good foot.

Be well.



~ by ericjhenderson on June 14, 2008.

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