h&f 0009 Obey The Run…

Yesterday: 1 hour, good time: BedStuy to 47th and 8th (the cigar shop).  It rained for most of the way for what was a beautiful run – starting from Myrtle then crossing Williamsburg Bridge and then up 1st Avenue to 47th then across to 8th.  Lightning and Thunder made for the giantest EQ/Stereo combination of allllll time.  I just knew I was gonna catch a bolt, just from being the only cat in the street.  But then, I love running nyc when, in the world’s city, you don’t see a soul around…  peaceful, honest city that one.

Today: 40 minutes, good time.  Myrtle to Kent, then some uninformed winding to get to Flatbush, ending up at Prospect Park. I knew the hot dog and hamburger from church this morning would cost me – felt leadfooted – but you can’t pass up a little outdoor eating just to say hello to the neighborhood and invite passersby over for some nice grillt-up stuff.  It did rain on the bbq, but we still ran through that food like mad locusts.





~ by ericjhenderson on June 16, 2008.

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