h&f 0010 mimmerwhen no. 001

mimmerwhen you put on socks for gloves in the cold winter and those things transformed into gloves.  you played in the snow for a while, until the “gloves” got soaked, then went inside and got some more.  when playing football in the street you doubled up on the gloves.  and you did hate that gap in the palm of your hand where it just wouldn’t touch.  there were no funky fitted socks then.  and f’sho no heated ones we had ever heard of…  we would have ended up shocked-up dead on icy Dallas streets.

heated, man. heated!

One day we saw these kids with mittens.  Ran back in and told my folks I was wearing mittens, but “How come my mittens don’t have that little thumb thing?”



~ by ericjhenderson on June 19, 2008.

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