h&f 0012 High Altitude Cooking and Knowledge Agendas

We make magic of best practice sharing, don’t we?  It is an attractive concept:  “I did it, and you can, too!”  But I see that we tend to leave a critical element out of best practice sharing and transfer of knowledge for the purpose of doing something real.  Full Stop.  Breathe and think.  Best practices aren’t plug and play.

You’re trying to make the same cake in different places.  If you’re always bumming around fourteeners,  you know that dough rises quicker at higher altitudes.  So you crack another egg …while you wonder why in the world you’re trying to bake on a mountain, anyway. And you know that the boiling point of water is 86 degrees C, vs. the 100 degrees C for those of us not into extreme skiing.  So, you boil your taters a li’l bit longer.

That is: to compensate,  you modify the quantity of certain ingredients (e.g. add more flour or water) or modify your process (e.g. try less baking time) – or both.

You get it.  I’ll stop horse-whompin.

“I did it, and you can, too!” only works with a little consideration for the local context and process.  I think there are much greater swings and difficulties in transfering implementation knowledge for this reason.  But that doesn’t make it impossible, of course.

Check out this 7-Up cake.  You could pull it off…

yumificus sevenupcakeicus




~ by ericjhenderson on July 2, 2008.

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