h&f 0018 Sentience Fragments

Sitting at a table the other day couple of my kind peeples in les enfants terribles at the corner of canal and ludlow, a wonderful and desolate intersection, I swooped in on the moqueca – so good that it had me lose track of the possibility of moqueca-splatter.  So…I walked out with a new design on my shirt, feeling like a straight up third grader bailing out of the lunch period on my way to take advantage of that last part of the hour for recess.

Bought some LPs from street vendor at West 4th St and 6th… Les Freres Dejeans, Rick James, Midnight Star, Lost Boys (Jeeps, Lex Coupes, Beemer & The Benz).  Walked over to 6th avenue, sat down on the benches just below Bleecker – read the albums.  That’s what I miss: liner notes.   Below? “Selfish to find ‘You'”  I’ll get back to it, but it fits right here.

Walked over to mas farmhouse for the nightcap, but too much night had fallen. (me: “Make one more?” bt:”We’re done for the night.  Try across the street.” me:”Cool. Thanks”).  Crossed the street to blue ribbon downing street wine bar and ran into a couple of friends. 

After a cucumberish drink, left and tried to think about nothing. I think I did that. Can’t remember. 


That must be the sentient part.  “Selfish to Find ‘You'”


~ by ericjhenderson on July 13, 2008.

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