h&f 0029 Well now… How about that badminton?

cos we don’t understand understand what just happened to that track in the Bird’s Nest.  I don’t think dude’s feet even touched it.  We saw him at the start.  He then evaporated and showed up 9.69 seconds later…   What???!!!!

Usain Bolt, in disguise as a Shinkansen, has torn  a hole in the 100m, the Olympics, and the whole sporting world with new Gigantor-sized world record.  Ain’t nothing else to say when a body just drops a big memo on the world like that.  “To whom it may concern…”

And I enjoyed the glide home so fresh and clean – the soft landing of a jumbo jet and a finish that I respectfully believe was well misunderstood by Harvey Araton in the New York Times, himself admittedly puzzled by the exuberance of a 21-year old sprinter, new to the 100m who just broke the world record in winning Gold at the Olympic Games.  There’s a cultural point to explore here but will pick that up in another post. For now, I’ll say that all I saw was solid joy on the screen (this was not a touchdown dance) and all I heard from my phone ringing (“um, what happened to that dude you were pushing in Japan??” more on that below) to conversations on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn was that same joy – no rumblings of what would surely embarrass, i.e. somebody “acting out” and disrespecting his country and flag.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control

…all that after getting off with the second slowest start among all runners.  But again, the thunderous ground-eating gait of a 6’5″ machine took care of the start.


Big up to Usain Bolt.  All bless to Asafa.  USA still showed up – Big up Walter Dix.  Big up to Michael Frater – dropped a Personal Best.

Don’t even have context for the weight of this.  I only see in all of sport Haile Gebreselassie or Michael Phelps in this realm.  Do it in 2012 and then we’ll start talking Ali as he also seems to be a squeaky clean sportsman who may well carve his own place beyond sport.

Is Asafa done?  NO.  What a blow, but no.  It’s on him to make rivalry, as insanely impossible as that seems.  You would be unwise to count him out. He has a hard road ahead, but the road that got him to this expectation was not exactly cake, was it??.



~ by ericjhenderson on August 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “h&f 0029 Well now… How about that badminton?”

  1. And now he OWNS the 200.. Bigup to Bolt!

  2. Now you see what they did, rep? Wiped out the 4×1…


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