h&f 0032 Whither Asafa Powell? [answer: Still Here]

It is stunning what has happened with Usain Bolt.  Big up.  Plain and simple.  You should read no diminishing or disrespect here.  But I thought it worth a look at how Asafa Powell goes from this moment.   We still cannot judge him.  I mean “judge” in the strict academic sense, not an emotional one: He has admittedly not yet performed to the fullest of his capability.  Now, in the “judge” sense that is closer to the emotional one of people downing Asafa, I would say hold tongues there, too.  I firmly believe that he can recover form  – even in the remaining event, the 4×100 – via the strong undergirding he has in his family, his coach, his personal will, and in his upbringing that he openly embraces.  Particularly, the coach, Stephen Francis.  If anyone has observed and can respond to situations, it will be this mastermind.  He brought Asafa from overlooked runner to gold medal contender.  There must be strength there.  Asafa is receiving probably way too many “he shoulds” from folks around the world rigtht now.  I simply hope that he remembers that he has been the impetus and the emblem for the modern rise of Jamaican sprinting.  MVP Track Club now features multiple gold medalists.  They’ve achieved that as a tight corps of runners, not one playing the role of “star” among them, including Asafa.  I believe Asafa will find and call upon that strength.  He has come from darker circumstances before and the subsequent performance over the past few years is what put him on this high pedestal of expectations.  If he can manage to relax in that strength, it is not to say what he can achieve.  I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this competitor.  Much peace.


~ by ericjhenderson on August 20, 2008.

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