h&f 0034 Told You Something Was Gonna Break… 4×100 WR. PLUS a Peek Behind The Scenes: Michael Frater and Nesta Carter

Bolt hands off to Asafa  – Piyowww! …and poetry in 37.10!! New world record in 4×100.  It looked like this:

Bolt to Powell... Bringing it home.

Bolt to Powell... Bringing it home.

(If you know track and field or have been to even just one meet, you know you would have gotten goose bumps to hear the crowd – ooooohhhh! in the last turn. It happens regardless of your affiliation.  Because, again, it’s just pure poetry when it works out right.)

Couldn’ta happened to four gooder (yes I said “gooder”) dudes: Usain Bolt, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Asafa Powell.

Bolt’s story the world is becoming familiar with.  Asafa, we also know, but remember his story’s still developing, too, this 4×100 being a sharp marker for that. If those two run as they can… Game Over.

Now, let’s do some justice and widen the view to Nesta Carter and Michael Frater as keys to this record.  Under the tutelage of Stephen Francis of the MVP Track Club, these two men have gone to career bests during a long trajectory of hard work.

They are also of the demeanor that Asafa and Usain are widely known for, both being friendly, easy-going – no frontin’, no drama.  I met both men and as we moved around Osaka, Japan with Markino Buckley and Asafa Powell at the World Championships in 2007.  (photo coming) All in all, just a bunch of hard-working good guys who know how to work and how to enjoy life.

Frater dropped his personal best 100m in the Final.  Carter is now verging on consistent sub-10’s and continuing to improve.

Put that all together with clean hand-offs and things must break.  And that’s what happened: 37.10 seconds supercedes the previous wr by .30 seconds.  That’s called a shattering.

Just for context, here’s what a distance of .20 looks like, an image you’re probably familiar with by now…

Gold - 9.69.  Silver? 9.89.  .2 is a big gap.

Gold - 9.69. Silver? 9.89. Know that .20 seconds is a big gap.

You get it.  Something otherworldly has been put on the world by Jamaica.  Glad to see a system paying off that is rooted in hometown pride, intelligent training (see:h&f 0033 Dropped Batons and an Ode to Technology), and plain old perserverance and hard work. Check this article from the Jamaica Observer for a an interesting examination of the whole phenomenon in an interview with playwright Trevor Rhone.

Glad to see Asafa helping them move the world needle, especially considering the skill and coordination required in addition to the speed.  All of that speaks to focus and determination.  This is the picture you’re used to seeing when that happens.

Asafa Powell, Bringing Home 4x100 Gold in Beijing, '08

Asafa Powell, Bringing Home 4x100 Gold in Beijing, '08

Fitting that he anchored the gold with a grown man’s blaze over the 100m and over 1 second margin to prove that he wasn’t all finished yet.  You got that heads up here: h&f 0032 Whither Asafa Powell? [answer: Still Here] Big Up.

A full one second ahead... (credit xinhua)

This looks like a video game. Asafa, full one second ahead... (credit xinhua)

And look at Japan, grabbing bronze.

Cool.  That’s the Olympics.  Tale of the tape below…

Beijing '08 4x100 Relay

Beijing '08 Results 4x100m Relay


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