h&f 0042 Asafa Powell Defines His Own Purely Enigmatic Space: 9.72 100m!

There is an odd confidence that is proving to be an enigmatic trademark of Asafa Powell – odd in the sense that it is not the confidence of bluster, but just pretty straightforward talk.  Consider that he just said that his goal now is 9.59 as Usain Bolt has provided motivation with a 9.69 in the Olympics.   That would sound just plain crazy if it were not spoken in quiet and humble voice by the former world record holder.

Consider that he maintains his cool despite uttering anathema to the world of sport, saying that he may not be suited for certain Championship days.  In a way, this takes much more of a heart than is accorded to him on the big race days.  He simply is comfortable in who he is and is not to be forced into another persona.  So, this is the person who today runs a 9.72!!   Here it is, in Lausanne, Switzerland…

Please don’t get so quickly used to these otherworldly times in the 100m.  9.69 and 9.72 – the fastest times ever in the world are dumbfounding.  The Jamaicans have turned the page on the sprints and done it with methods that are poetically basic in their training – that is, highly complex and thought out, but using the simplest of implements – nature (a grass oval) and a 200 sq ft weight room.

No matter what he says, I wouldn’t write Asafa off of Championship races just yet.

[On an off note, it is  odd to hear that some jeered Usain Bolt as he finished a 19.63 in the 200m, easing up once he had the race in hand, but with none of the Olympic theatrics.]


~ by ericjhenderson on September 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “h&f 0042 Asafa Powell Defines His Own Purely Enigmatic Space: 9.72 100m!”

  1. Asafa is as genuine and honest as it gets. NUF LUV!!!


  2. I could’nt have said it better.


  3. Nadine. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yeah he’s a good dude. Much peace.

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