h&f 0045 Be Kind: Remind. (on election fraud and baby poo)

It is time that we come to see fraud not as an incendiary or even shocking term.  We should look at it in the same context of the clean diaper: It’s not Whether fraud will show up to soil the show, but When.  And we can’t let that baby just walk around, no matter how unfazed he is as he squishes around in classic pursuit of pleasure from toy to toy, joy to joy.


Demrrrrrcrcy! In Action

Demrrrrrcrcy! In Action

So, let’s speak it now as the season for fraud is now, the eve of the election.  The object lesson is 2004, elucidated powerfully by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who, in writing Was The 2004 Election Stolen? for Rolling Stone,

“… argues clearly and forcefully that the 2004 election was stolen, basing his analysis and evidence on events and outcomes in the state of Ohio. Had Kerry won the Ohio race, he would be president today. Hence, the theft of Ohio was the theft of the election.”  [Many thanks to SCOOP – Independent News via Solari.com.  Show love to both of these folks.]

Don’t even worry about who you wanted to win.  Worry about the constant and intrinsic-to-human assault on democracy via the purely corrupt or simply distorted passions of men.  (distorted?  I mean, take even the p-trained baby: He doesn’t mean poo as offense.  Sometimes he’s just pursuing joy with blinding and reckless abandon, and poo is the cost as he doesn’t want to stop and slow to pay attention to unfun responsibilities.)

This assault on democracy is part of democracy as the underlying motivator for our laws and statutes.  Go back to college and read the Federalist Papers again, and you’ll see that the beauty of democracy is the taming of a flawed people: us.


~ by ericjhenderson on September 17, 2008.

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