Who is hustleandfloe?




i am.  And here’s what you’ll find here: stuff that is the fruit of an undying hustle to learn something new.  I have a wanderlustnonstop and this results in books all over the crib, travels all over the globe, and thoughts all over the spectrum of topics that move us.

But then there’s the floe, that big chunk of ice that moves heavy… finds itself on cruise control in the seas.  To take life like that is an equal pleasure.  I take time to enjoy and consider…to process the hustle.

And these are just my own thoughts, representing no one else and nothing but that narrow personal interest- so, if you have beef, grief, or relief, just get in touch. I’ll be happy to oblige with conversation.

Much respect,

Much peace,



2 Responses to “Who is hustleandfloe?”

  1. Hey,

    I was reading the Our Kind Of People thread when I saw the phrase “floss:boss ratio”

    I AM USING THIS TO TITLE A FUTURE POST! I just wanted to let you know.

    That was such a simple but powerful way to describe a unique phenomena – although our sand cousins our some flossin’ S.O.B.’s themselves.

    Anyway, I’m over at http://www.brownmanthinkinghard.com

    You might see an article with that title later this week!

    Brown Man

  2. Most certainly, Brownmanthinking. I believe in ideas and the growth of them. I’m interested to see where you take it.

    Much peace,


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